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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mid-Ohio Farmacy?

Mid-Ohio Farmacy is a program between Mid-Ohio Foodbank and healthcare providers. Mid-Ohio Farmacy helps patients get foods needed for better health. Patients that have joined Mid-Ohio Farmacy can get fresh fruits and vegetables one time each week at Mid-Ohio Farmacy food pantries.

Who came up with this idea?

Mid-Ohio Farmacy is a program based on the fact that food is health – what we eat is part of what helps us stay healthy. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, and struggle with obesity, can improve health and save money on health care costs. If you are interested in the research behind the program at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, you can read more about it here.

Where does the produce come from?

The fruits and vegetables we have at the Mid-Ohio Farmacy sites comes from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. They deliver fresh produce to sites in 20 counties across central Ohio every day.

Who can be a part of Mid-Ohio Farmacy’s fresh produce program?

Healthcare providers in the Mid-Ohio Farmacy program can help their patients join. To join Mid-Ohio Farmacy, the amount of money you make has to be 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Level. Use this chart to see if you are eligible.


How do I get a Mid-Ohio Farmacy prescription card?

There are a number of participating health providers who can make a referral for the Mid-Ohio Farmacy program. If your provider is a participant (check here), ask if you qualify for Mid-Ohio Farmacy at your next office visit, and start using your Mid-Ohio Farmacy benefits to get fresh food right away.

I got a Mid-Ohio Farmacy card from my doctor, what do I do now?

Go shopping! Bring your card, along with an ID and proof of residency* to one of our participating Mid-Ohio Farmacy locations during operating hours, and pick up fresh produce for your household.
*This document should have your name and current address, dated within the last 90 days. This could be a utility bill, a lease agreement, a medical bill, or Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Announcement.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you the customer! Just show up with your Mid-Ohio Farmacy card at one of our locations and you can shop for fresh produce for your household at no cost.

Where can I use my Mid-Ohio Farmacy card to get fresh produce?

There are a number of markets and partner agencies across the Central Ohio area when you can shop for fresh produce using your Mid-Ohio Farmacy card. For a list of locations and business hours, check out our homepage

How often can I get fresh produce through Mid-Ohio Farmacy?

You can bring your card once a week to any of our locations and take home fresh produce for your household.

Can I also get food for my family?

Yes! When you come for your first shopping visit, just let the folks at the check in desk know how many people live in your home and you can get food for that number of people.

What if I qualify for the program but can’t get to a site – can I send someone to pick up my produce for me?

Yes! You can send a proxy to get your food for you and your household. Just go to this site and fill out the form, or write a letter that includes the information on the form and have the person designated to pick up your produce bring it with them when they come to the agency site.

Can I enroll in the program if I am homeless?

Yes. You can still enroll through your health provider and have access to our pantries weekly!

What types of healthcare partners do you work with?

We partner with FQHCs, Insurers, and health systems across Ohio. In our current model, The Mid-Ohio Farmacy connects patients to fresh produce that will improve health outcomes of all members of the household. The goal of Farmacy is to establish a systematic way to screen for and address food insecurity through an electronic, closed-loop referral system, which connects patients to fresh produce from a food pantry near their home. Read more about our current partnership with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Department Of Family Medicine here.

Is this an evidence-based approach?

Preventative medicine can help prevent chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity – and we know that food is medicine. A pilot program that Mid-Ohio Foodbank was a part of in 2015 working with individuals with diabetes, found that by giving patients diabetes-appropriate food, blood sugar monitoring, primary care referral, and self-management support, there was a significant improvement in mean HbA1c from baseline (8.11 percent) to follow-up (7.96 percent). There were also significant improvements in fruit and vegetable intake, self-efficacy, diabetes distress, medication nonadherence, and trade-offs between buying food or medicine.

I am a healthcare provider who wants to be a part of the Mid-Ohio Farmacy network – how do I get my patients connected to the program?

We are adding partners and providers to the Mid-Ohio Farmacy network all the time! Email us at to connect with our team and talk about how we can develop a partnership to serve your patients.

What is the long term benefit of Mid-Ohio Farmacy’s program and eating more fresh food?

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent and manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. The Mid-Ohio Farmacy program provides weekly access to these fresh fruits and veggies for free to patients and their families, to ultimately create healthier communities.

How does the Farmacy program change what we do?

A shopping experience for a Farmacy member is no different than a regular shop. The only difference is that Farmacy customers can come to your agency once a week to get fresh produce for their household.

A customer has a card that indicates they are a Farmacy member- what do I do with that?

Using the barcode scanner, just scan the back of the Farmacy member’s card and verify their information in PantryTrak as you would any other customer.

Is my agency a participating Mid-Ohio Farmacy partner?

Great question- not all agency partners accept the Farmacy program cards. To see if your agency is participating, click here (link to home page with participating partners) and if you’d like to be a member of the Farmacy network of agency partners, email us at